onsdag 21 juli 2010

Self Respect

I have seen some incredible pictures from other women that wrote on their bodies. But it made me very sad to see that alot of the messages were messages of criticism, insecurity, and sometimes self loathing. Some of them moved me to tears.

So this is my response. Notes and messages about what I value in myself and who I am. Notice that NONE of them have to do with appearance. In college, I became bulemic. I did horrible things to my body to fit societies ideal. I cringe to think what damage I have done to myself. After my son was born, I decided I had to change. That I needed to be healthy for myself and for him. When I was really skinny, I was exhausted and sick all the time.

I still struggle with body image issues. I work daily to shut out images from the media about what I'm supposed to look like. But for the most part, I'm healthy. In body and soul. I highly recommend writing on yourself. Its very cleansing :) Show us what you can do. C'mon....you know you want to!


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