fredag 2 juli 2010

Kort reggaehistorik från "The Urban Daily"

Reggae music has changed the face of music, the face of Jamaica and the face of the world. From a small island of less than three million people, thousands of songs have traveled the whole world, influencing billions.

Reggae music started in Kingston Jamaica in the 50s. Jamaicans were inspired by the Jazz and R&B records that would reach Jamaica through American radio and by American records which were used by Jamaican sound systems.

Reggae evolved from Ska, a faster version of American Jazz and Rocksteady, a Jamaican form of R&B. In the 50s and early 60s, Reggae songs would mostly follow the same subject matter of R&B with love songs and songs of social progress inspired by the Civil Rights movement.

The first reggae hit was a pop song by the name of “My Boy Lolliop” by Millie, Still it wasn’t till the movie “The Harder They Come” came out in 1972, that reggae exploded onto the international scene. The movie not only gave a realistic portrait of Jamaica but also exposed the music of Jimmy Cliff, Toots And The Maytals and others. The soundtrack represented the struggle and suffering that was going on in Jamaica with songs like “Many Rivers To Cross,” “Pressure Drop” and the title song “The Harder They Come”

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