tisdag 6 juli 2010

For Youth, By Youth - in Jamaica

In the wake of the recent violence in West Kingston one organisation is already looking at trying to encourage the youth of Jamaica to channel their feelings and passions in a more positive direction.

Manifesto/Jamaica is a non-profit organization with a mission statement that declares they are "dedicated to youth empowerment and nation building through the Arts and Culture.

Many youths, not just in Kingston but right across Jamaica, are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the country’s status quo and with feelings that it is becoming harder for them to focus on the positive movements happening around them, Manifesto|Jamaica is trying change this mind thought and show the creative young people of today that their artistic calling can indeed be translated into a worthy and viable profession, especially in an ever evolving economic climate.

As part of their growing campaign and to help build awareness to their work Manifesto|Jamaica are staging the Festival of ART’ical Empowerment between 14th and 17th October 2010. The organization plans for all types of artists from all types of art forms to converge for this 4-day festival where there will be many exhibitions, dance competitions, film screenings, cooking showcases, live musical performances, workshops and soul-healing exercises at various venues across Kingston and Saint Andrew.

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