torsdag 15 juli 2010

Film: Rocksteady

BORN in the Jamaican dance halls of the late 1960s, ''rocksteady'' is the catchy musical style that led directly to reggae, with an accentuated bassline and a slow, driving rhythm.

Whether or not that description rings a bell, you'll probably be able to hum along with songs like The Tide Is High and Rivers of Babylon, famously covered by, respectively, Blondie and Boney M.

Stascha Bader's documentary sticks to the magic formula devised by Wim Wenders for Buena Vista Social Club (1999): round up a group of legends and bring them back to their old stomping ground to swap memories and cut some new tracks. It's too bad that many of the biggest names in rocksteady left us years ago; among the survivors are Stranger Cole, who also serves as narrator, and Hopeton Lewis, whose hit Take It Easydefined the laid-back spirit of the genre.


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